CVC words – Read, match and write!

Can you play this Set 1 phonics game? 🐸

Read the word using your Fred talk and match the word to the correct picture. Practice your letter formation using our RWI rhymes and write the word that matches the picture.

Please share your work with your teachers on your online learning platforms! πŸ˜ƒ

Welcome to our Phonics Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to our Phonics Blog! We are looking forward to using this blog to help you and your children in their journey of learning to read.

At Robin Hood Academy, we use Read Write Inc (RWI) to teach our children how to read.

Read Write Inc. Phonics - Ruth Miskin Phonics Training

Please keep checking in to this blog as we will be sharing lots of key information and useful links and videos to help you at home.

To begin, can you have a look at the Speed Sound Chart below and see if you can recognise all of the sounds?

Read Write Inc.: A1 Speed Sounds Poster : Gill Munton : 9780198460459

Sound Buttons

This term we are working hard to learn how to draw sound buttons.Β  They can be drawn under a word to make the graphemes clearer.

When a single letter makes a sound on its own a dot is used.


When 2 or more letters work together and are next to each other a straight line is used.



When two letters work together but are separated (like the a and e in snake) a curved like is drawn to link the two letters together.

split dig


Phase 3 Phonics

For the next few weeks we are working with the sounds from phase 3.Β  This week we are working with the digraphs ch, sh, th and ng.Β Β 

phonics week 2

Here are some words with these sounds in; try reading them together at home:

phonics words 1


Phonics this week

Hello and welcome to year 1…

This week we have been working with the sounds from Phase 3.Β  Here are the sounds we have learnt:

phonics week 1

Why not have a look on Phonics Play and play games to revise these sounds at home.

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